Most IT companies fit into a traditional box

We're not like that; We've built our own box

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We’re Abussi - proud to be different

Outsourced IT support providers - there’s plenty of us out there. There’s the box shifters who turn up, plug it in and hope you don’t call again. Then there’s Abussi. We like to do more.

We build our service around Microsoft Office 365 and deliver a suite of Cloud services – combine this with Abussi's friendly and personal IT support and you’ll start to see your business transforming

We work with local businesses, offer the same level of knowledge as larger IT providers but charge significantly lower rates - We take responsibility, and love to be proactive

Your journey to reliable, friendly and Cloud focused IT starts here

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Work anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Office 365 is ready when you are


Increase Staff Productivity

Storing files and accessing email from anywhere means that your staff can boost their productivity levels. in a 2017 Frost & Sullivan report, that productivity increase was quantified at 400%

Moving To Cloud Saves £'s

In a recent study, 26% of SMB's move to the Cloud to reduce IT costs. Making that shift increases IT uptime & flexibility while saving money; Simple! Isn't that what IT should deliver?

Handing You The Advantage

According to the Harvard Business Review, 74% of businesses feel that moving their business to the Cloud has given them a competitive advantage; can you afford not to move to the Cloud?

Don't take our word- Listen to our clients

  • Built on over forty years experience, Maguire Jackson is a leading independent sales and letting agent with a professional understanding of the residential and commercial property markets in Birmingham City Centre and throughout Birmingham

    In this short video Philip Jackson from Maguire Jackson talk about how Abussi, their Birmingham IT Support provider, has worked with their company over 10 years and assisted in all aspects of IT as the company grew from 1 to 3 city offices

    Abussi supplies IT support, Cloud email and file storage, network management services, VoIP and related connectivity services to produce a true ‘turn-key’ solution for each city office

  • Daniel Hurd Associates is a progressive award-winning architectural practice, based in Birmingham

    In this short video Daniel Hurd talk about how Abussi, their Birmingham IT Support provider, has managed their IT systems over a 10 year period and how that relationship has helped DHA through good times and bad

    Abussi supplies IT support, Cloud email and file storage, broadband and network management services to DHA’s city office