New Business User
New Starter? .... Welcome Aboard !

Details of a new starter you require setting up in your business - Please note that any new user setup and associated PC/Laptop setup will take a min of 24hours to complete

  • It's important to know who the new user request has come from :
  • Helpful for being able to reply to you if we need to follow up on anything
  • Please enter your company name in full
  • Please enter the first and last name of the new user
  • If you have a preferred email address in mind, please write this below (not required)
  • This is used to setup Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for the new user
  • If your organization uses Teams Phones, does the new user need a phone service adding?
  • Please enter the Computer Name of the PC or laptop being allocated to this user from an existing pool of devices --- if the user has their own equipment, or they require new equipment, please use the next section to indicate requirements
  • Please indicate below what IT equipment the new user will require, or if they'll use their own equipment (e.g. personal laptop)
  • Please enter the Department where the new starter will be working - if applicable
  • Please enter the Job Title of the new starter - if applicable
  • Please enter the Manager's Name of the new starter - if applicable
  • Please list the areas of SharePoint you would like the new user to access
  • Please use this section to add any additional information you feel might be helpful
  • Please enter the start date for the new user
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