Leaving User
Departing User? .... Bon Voyage

Details of a current staff member who is leaving your business - Abussi will complete the leaving procedure including password changes and mailbox updates etc - Please note that action can take a max of 24hours to complete

  • It's important to know who the new user request has come from :
  • Helpful for being able to reply to you if we need to follow up on anything
  • Please enter your company name in full
  • Please enter the first and last name of the leaving user
  • Please enter the email address of the leaving user - we can then ensure that the mailbox is either closed or retained for 1 month depending on your policy with us.
  • We can associate this leaving users mailbox with someone else in your business so they can read/reply to messages. If you do not need this, please enter NO
  • Please enter the name or email address who will have the leaving users old account added
  • If you do not want to add the mailbox to another remaining user, we can just forward any email from the leaving user to someone instead - if this is not required please enter NO
  • Please enter the email address to where you want the Leavers email forwarded
  • If the user has been with you for some time, it might be helpful to have a backup of the mailbox in case you need to refer to it in the future - please chose below
  • Do you need assistance with evaluating the leaving users files and how they're stored on their PC? Once we remove the user then all their OneDrive files (all the files stored locally) will be removed too
  • Please enter the Computer Name of the PC or laptop currently being used by the leaving user (if they are not using a company device, please enter NONE)
  • Please enter the date for when the staff member is leaving
    DD dash MM dash YYYY
  • Tell us anything more about this departing user that might be important or helpful
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.