Internet bandwidth; where has it all gone ?

Ever got a raise at work then a few months later at the end of the month thought “I don’t seem to have any money left”? Its probably happened to everyone and it’s a natural process. If you earn more money its only natural to spend more money. Few of us can say that all the pay increases we've had since our first job have been pushed into a savings account because we will buy a better car, a bigger house, nicer clothes and have better holidays.

Tales of an IT Professional – Worried about computer security? Get an Umbrella!

For those reading this outside the UK, you may already feel that the stereotype of the British is that we carry an umbrella at all times – we are known for our changeable weather and propensity for rain. What it does highlight is that the being close to, or under an umbrella is going to bring safety and security from what may be thrown at you – and that’s exactly why Abussi uses an umbrella every day – metaphorically speaking.

Tales of an IT Professional – Re-Imagining Work | Abussi IT Support

I write this blog after watching a very interesting video in which the argument for more collaborative working and changing the ‘old ways’ was made strongly. The video was the brainchild of Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, and can be found here and it’s only 9 mins long but well worth your time.