How's your current IT company doing?

If you're unhappy, we should talk....


How well has your IT support company been looking after you? We’ve heard some horror stories about lazy IT support companies.

If you’re even slightly dissatisfied with your current IT support company, we really should talk, because you don’t owe them anything and they’re not going to get any better in the months ahead.

Sorry to be brutal, but it’s true

We’ve made it easy to have a short discussion at a time that suits us both - there's nothing to lose and everything to gain

Book your 15min call now

I'm Craig, the MD of Abussi and this is my personal calendar so you can book a 15 minute video call at a time that suits us both.

I'd love to find out about your IT experiences, challenges and how we might be able to help

But its important that you know :

  • It’s just an exploratory call at this stage
  • There’s no commitment to buy anything, ever
  • No matter how long you have left on your existing contract, we should still talk.

  • You'll get as much strategic advice as you like, no limit

  • Our MD loves talking about how IT makes businesses more productive and profitable