Why Abussi ?

Because our aim is to ensure your IT just works


Previously IT support was based around the re-sale of computer equipment, supported by long hardware contracts and managed by a support team who would attempt to fix the problem or schedule an engineer to visit to solve/fix/replace the problem. This is called a break-fix model

It is very reactive, can lead to long periods of down time and only improves by increasing the amount of hardware stock and engineers to be on call - that adds costs to you, the client

Abussi on the other hand takes a very different view on how to provide IT support

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Your journey to reliable, friendly and Cloud focused IT starts here


Abussi takes steps to prevent and resolve problems before they exist. We do have a help-desk in place for when things are not working as they should, but in terms of systems being up and operational, Abussi take pro-active action to reduce problems and downtime

With Abussi the roles are reversed. Break-Fix IT suppliers make their money when things go wrong, but Abussi's income comes from ensuring things don’t. Our motivation is to ensure your IT systems just work and your staff remain productive

By using Abussi you'll get a partner that's financially motivated to keep things working, fixed price services that are clear & transparent and confidence you've outsourced to a company with your best interests to ensure business continuity

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