A trusted IT partner won’t sell to you – they’ll advise

The generally held view in the SME community that IT is a cost, not an investment, and that problems can be sold with 'stuff'. For those SME's not working with a trusted IT partner it often works like this :

We have a problem with our... [insert IT related problem]
We quickly find someone to come and sell us.

Tales of an IT Professional – IT Infrastructure

When I visit clients and talk about IT, their perception is that I'm going to talk about new wizz-bang services, faster computers, tablets, phones and all the stuff you see in your office that's considered by many to be 'gadgets'. It makes sense because its the stuff you touch, interact with and see every day, but there is a hidden world of IT Infrastructure which is equally as important

IT Infrastructure is the heart of your computer system, not only linking internal PC's together, but then linking your office to the wider internet.

Tales of an IT Professional – Worried about computer security? Get an Umbrella!

For those reading this outside the UK, you may already feel that the stereotype of the British is that we carry an umbrella at all times – we are known for our changeable weather and propensity for rain. What it does highlight is that the being close to, or under an umbrella is going to bring safety and security from what may be thrown at you – and that’s exactly why Abussi uses an umbrella every day – metaphorically speaking.

Tales of an IT Professional – Re-Imagining Work | Abussi IT Support

I write this blog after watching a very interesting video in which the argument for more collaborative working and changing the ‘old ways’ was made strongly. The video was the brainchild of Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, and can be found here and it’s only 9 mins long but well worth your time.

Tales of an IT Professional – A very good place to start

I'm not a fan of musicals and especially those focused on children, Switzerland or Nazi's - but the well known song from the The Sound of Music really raced through my head today when talking with one of my clients. As you know, the song goes :

let's start at the very beginning
a very good place to start
when you read you begin with abc.