Unified Security

One device, multi layered protection

Our job is simple - improve your business security

You can't rely on just a firewall and some anti-virus software anymore. The landscape is changing and as a result even small businesses need a unified security solution to protect their IT systems

With GDPR rules you need a unified security solution to stop external threats and internal hickups, like staff falling for Phishing scams or downloading malicious software. Traditional firewalls won't offer this protection and few offer it at a flat monthly price with no contracts, no annual renewals, just a single monthly fee with 30 day termination

The Abussi Unified Security solution offers more than the well known Sonicwall TZ range or Watchguard T30 - Our service is fully managed, starts from just 5 users up to 250 and provides comprehensive Web Filtering, Virus Blocker, Phishing Blocker, IPSec VPN and Policy Manager to mention just a few.

You deserve the best security for your business, to protect and manage growing threats to your sucess

Your journey to reliable, friendly and Cloud focused IT starts here

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