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Many business owners, blessed with great business instinct but limited IT skills, may find themselves in an office with IT that is at best “non-standard”. This is a problem as reliable, fit for purpose and dependable IT is no longer something that’s a “nice-to-have”. Instead it’s a necessity for running a business. In fact, it’s the only way a business can remain competitive with larger firms without increasing their costs by employing large numbers of staff. But, what is best to focus your limited resources upon?

Well at Abussi we focus on 4 key areas in order to get the best value from their IT investment:

  • A functional email system that links to their Laptop, Desktop and Mobile Phone - Increasingly this is a cloud-based service such as Hosted Exchange or Google Apps as this saves a need for expensive local hardware.
  • Regular backup procedures that allows company documents and files to be stored and recovered - Preferably a cloud-based service such as DropBox or Google Docs as theu offer an instant recovery process and access in an emergency.
  • Protection from an increasing number of internet threats that include spam, malware and viruses - This includes the typical Anti-Virus solutions but also Content Filtering to stop access to unsuitable websites while at work.
  • Business grade IT hardware that’s built for business users, not home users - Suitable IT hardware will provide long term value and increased reliability.

The key is to minimize downtime and maximise up time, resulting in the best possible value from your IT investment and ensuring your staff are as productive as possible during the working day.


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