The power of managed IT support – case study

If you run a business you need technology to work and you may instruct the services of an IT support company. Problem is, they often focus on just making what you have work, regardless of age. What might it look like if you instructed a Managed IT Support provider who can bring technology together to move your business forward ?

Well at the Regional Driving Association Centre (Birmingham) you can see what Managed IT Support can do when the client has vision and understands the value of the advice being provided

Abussi was asked to provide IT support to RDAC in the summer of 2015 after the incumbent provider had failed to meet the needs and expectations of the client.

Working effectively with an MSP partner

Healthy business relationships are part of what makes a successful business. And like any other business relationship, it's important to connect and work with with your trusted IT partner, often referred to now as an MSP (Managed Service Provider). By doing so, you can maximize your partnership with them, your company's own productivity and cultivate growth.

A trusted IT partner won’t sell to you – they’ll advise

The generally held view in the SME community that IT is a cost, not an investment, and that problems can be sold with 'stuff'. For those SME's not working with a trusted IT partner it often works like this :

We have a problem with our... [insert IT related problem]
We quickly find someone to come and sell us.

Tales of an IT Professional – IT Infrastructure

When I visit clients and talk about IT, their perception is that I'm going to talk about new wizz-bang services, faster computers, tablets, phones and all the stuff you see in your office that's considered by many to be 'gadgets'. It makes sense because its the stuff you touch, interact with and see every day, but there is a hidden world of IT Infrastructure which is equally as important

IT Infrastructure is the heart of your computer system, not only linking internal PC's together, but then linking your office to the wider internet.

Tales of an IT Professional – iWatch Review

I’d made a diary note to ‘Order Apple iWatch’ on April 10th 2015, which I did, and mine arrived in late May. From the moment you open the box the iWatch meets all of your expectations in terms of quality, feel and style. It looks wonderful, its made so well and it keeps with many of the Apple mantra’s regarding style and simplicity of use.