Tales of an IT Professional – Plain English please

Technical language is not necessary, especially for the vast majority of people who are business users, not technicians. What business people need is someone that listens to their real world needs and understand the challenges, then turns round and explains it to a technician in ‘geek’ language. The two need not, and should not mix.

So, the next time you speak to any IT person and they start filling the conversation with geek language then stop and simply ask them to explain it in plain English please.

Tales of an IT Professional – More than a man with a screwdriver

Its been an interesting time recently with many of Abussi's clients looking to grow and invest wisely for long term stability and flexibility. I've attended a number of meetings where clients have asked for advice on how best to make an investment in their business infrastructure, along with a desire to try and future proof themselves as best as they can.

Tales of an IT Professional – Who To Trust?

You might be wondering why this Blog isn't about the current trend in cloud services or email filtering............... but in my opinion, IT services are purchased on the basis of trust. I agree that it does include a number of other factors, but in the SME space where the relationship is often between an IT professional and an Owner Manager (OM), trust is one of the most important factors.