Tales of an IT Professional – Plain English please

Technical language is not necessary, especially for the vast majority of people who are business users, not technicians. What business people need is someone that listens to their real world needs and understand the challenges, then turns round and explains it to a technician in ‘geek’ language. The two need not, and should not mix.

So, the next time you speak to any IT person and they start filling the conversation with geek language then stop and simply ask them to explain it in plain English please.

You + iPad + Presentation = Success

Companies are always looking for ways to make their employees’ jobs easier while increasing efficiency. This includes using devices, and one such device has caught the eye of many: the iPad. Originally aimed at private users, businesses have found that the iPad has some incredibly useful features for when it comes to developing and giving presentations.

Tales of an IT Professional – Consider getting a man in

When it comes to IT most business owners have a vision in their head of how they want it to work. However, blessed with great business instinct, but no IT skills, they often find themselves in an office with IT that sort of works but only they know how to get email, open the database or print documents due to the way it was setup…………as it’s a little [cough] ‘non-standard’

Tales of an IT Professional – Customer contact is king

Ask yourself this; Does your IT provider hide behind tickets ? When was the last time you saw them for anything other than a PC failure or hardware fault ? Have they come to just ‘chat’ to you, ask about your business and find out about the future ? If you think that IT Support is just about fixing PC’s when they fail then you might be missing a trick…