Tales of an IT Professional – Consider getting a man in

When it comes to IT most business owners have a vision in their head of how they want it to work. However, blessed with great business instinct, but no IT skills, they often find themselves in an office with IT that sort of works but only they know how to get email, open the database or print documents due to the way it was setup…………as it’s a little [cough] ‘non-standard’

Tales of an IT Professional – Customer contact is king

Ask yourself this; Does your IT provider hide behind tickets ? When was the last time you saw them for anything other than a PC failure or hardware fault ? Have they come to just ‘chat’ to you, ask about your business and find out about the future ? If you think that IT Support is just about fixing PC’s when they fail then you might be missing a trick…

Tales of an IT Professional – More than a man with a screwdriver

Its been an interesting time recently with many of Abussi's clients looking to grow and invest wisely for long term stability and flexibility. I've attended a number of meetings where clients have asked for advice on how best to make an investment in their business infrastructure, along with a desire to try and future proof themselves as best as they can.

Tales of an IT Professional – Who To Trust?

You might be wondering why this Blog isn't about the current trend in cloud services or email filtering............... but in my opinion, IT services are purchased on the basis of trust. I agree that it does include a number of other factors, but in the SME space where the relationship is often between an IT professional and an Owner Manager (OM), trust is one of the most important factors.

Tales of an IT Professional – Home Working

The client has a Citrix solution, installed by Abussi, and so it would be possible to bring up their ‘virtual’ desktop on the iPad and work from home, the train (with WiFi) or from anywhere. They were pretty much sold on the idea of getting one and so just wanted to make sure they bought the right one (What GB to get, WiFi or with 3G etc)