The power of managed IT support – case study

The power of managed IT support – case study
If you run a business you need technology to work and you may instruct the services of an IT support company. Problem is, they often focus on just making what you have work, regardless of age. What might it look like if you instructed a Managed IT Support provider who can bring technology together to move your business forward ? Well at the Regional Driving Association Centre (Birmingham) you can see what Managed IT Support can do when the client has vision and understands the value of the advice being provided Abussi was asked to provide IT support to RDAC in the summer of 2015 after the incumbent provider had failed to meet the needs and expectations of the client. The incumbent provider had provided expensive solutions to simple IT problems, failed to show an interest in the day-2-day challenges of RDAC and was charging too high a fee for simple fix's and 'off contract' work. All this became too much for the MD Colin Barnett and so an alternative provider was found Once Abussi looked over the existing IT we found old, out of date, unreliable and poorly managed hardware, along with a very slow internet link which was crippling the businesses ability to move forward. Initially Abussi's work focused on the provision of Fast Internet and working with our partner Enta we were able to bring a BT fibre line to the RDAC location at very competitive prices. This new 20Mb line offered the first step to building a flexible and Cloud based RDAC IT infrastructure With a fast internet link Abussi was able to then look at telecoms to the site which were being managed by BT ISDN lines and an ageing PBX system which was unsupported. Abussi, working with its partner Gradwell, was able to replace all of the RDAC handsets in the Birmingham office with VoIP (SIP) equipment and migrate the phone numbers away from BT. The result was a smooth transition from old to new phone system, along with new features such as per extension voicemail and improved call management. Costs were also significantly reduced over the previous system A key benefit of the change was the ability to include the RDAC Oxford office into the phone system so that since the change Birmingham can take all RDAC calls and connect / transfer down to Oxford as required. VoIP has allowed the two sites to work as if one in terms of communication The final change was the most significant; moving the RDAC data from ageing servers in Birmingham and into Office 365 while at the same time upgrading RDAC consultants to Microsoft Surface Tablets for enhanced portability. The data migration used the full benefits of One Drive along with the ability to integrate Office 365 with the Surface Tablet. Using the E3 Enterprise Office 365 solution, RDAC also has a full suite of Office 2016 downloaded to the Tablet and can work online  + offline with equal flexibility The result of all this work ? Improved internet links allowing faster and more flexible working arrangements for RDAC and its staff; sharing of the new Fast Internet line for data + voice and thus reducing communication costs; up to date and reliable IT hardware for mobile consultants; Benefiting from Microsoft Office 365 to provide a monthly charge for Office 2016 + Email + Mail Security + File Storage If you're happy struggling on with 20th Century IT solutions and 19th Century telecoms then perhaps Abussi is not the company for you; but if you are keen to work with a trusted IT partner who can show you a different way then please get in touch

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