A trusted IT partner won’t sell to you – they’ll advise

A trusted IT partner won’t sell to you – they’ll advise
The generally held view in the SME community that IT is a cost, not an investment, and that problems can be sold with 'stuff'. For those SME's not working with a trusted IT partner it often works like this :
  1. We have a problem with our... [insert IT related problem]
  2. We quickly find someone to come and sell us... [insert IT item that needs fixing]
  3. We buy something from the cheapest supplier
  4. We forget about [insert IT related problem] until the next [insert IT related problem]
  5. Back to point 1
SME business owners find it hard to identify value in any IT investment and simply keep their spending focused on the 'absolutely necessary items' - something which is difficult because they often don't understand what's necessary and what's not - hence the fact that they can often find themselves with equipment that has not solved an IT problem, was more than they'd hoped to spend and which has tied them into a long (3-5 year) commitment.

Snake Oil Salesmen

The problem stems from a history of IT supply companies simply selling 'tin' as a solution. Tin is the industry catch-all for 'stuff' and in the past you'd get a visit from a guy who sold servers and after the meeting he would have convinced you that a new server was the way to solve all your problems. Likewise a guy who sold networking or security equipment would advise that you needed to upgrade and that his kit was better, faster and would reduce your day to day problems by 50% or more. Sadly most of these people are, by my definition, snake-oil salesmen and once the deal had been signed and equipment installed they were never to be seen again............. Worse, the equipment sold often didn't do what was advertised and the follow on support was thin at best or missing at worst. This sort of approach continues more than you might expect and its perpetuated by both parties - SME's have not seen the new ways in which to work with progressive IT partners and many salesmen still look to make quick sales to unsuspecting SME's because that's how their income is generated

Trusted Partner, not Salesman

A true IT partner, like Abussi, is proud to be different to the majority of IT companies who maintain this outdated approach. We make every effort NOT to sell to our clients but instead offer advice, recommendations and long term planning in order to make sure their IT systems are up to date, using the latest technology and reliable. The primary focus is always to demonstrate that long term solutions which help the business be more productive is the only way to help SME's grow. If you're happy being another soft target for a snake oil salesman then perhaps Abussi is not the company for you; but if you are keen to work with a trusted IT partner then please get in touch

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