Migrate your Office to the cloud

Migrate your Office to the cloud
The Cloud has become one of the most talked about technical trends of the past few years, it seems like every company is trying to utilize it. A large number of businesses have developed versions of their software that have cloud elements, like storage. Microsoft is one of these companies, offering a cloud version of their popular Office suite - Office 365. There are some great benefits to using this and other similar cloud services. There are four main benefits to using a cloud based office solution like Office 365. Prevent save disasters. One thing every employee has done is get caught up in their work and forget to save, only to have the program or computer crash resulting in the loss of their work. By using the cloud, changes are automatically saved and synced, so if something does happen, you probably won’t lose any of your work. Access from more devices. As many cloud services are browser based, you can access them on a tablet or smartphone. This means you don’t have to be on your computer to access and edit documents. If you give lots of presentations and have a tablet with a data connection, you could ditch the laptop all together. Eliminate forgotten documents. It can be embarrassing to show up to an important meeting only to realize that you’ve forgotten an essential document back at the office. If this happens, you can just log into your cloud application and access the document. More storage. With computers, there’s generally a fixed amount of storage available, when it’s used up, you have to free up space by deleting old files. This can be a problem, especially if you have to keep files and information due to legal requirements. Cloud services have plans that allow your company to have as much storage as you need. These are just four of the benefits to using Office 365 and cloud services in your business. If you’re looking to move your office suite into the cloud, please contact us or check out these Case Studies of past Abussi Cloud projects
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