Tales of an IT Professional – More than a man with a screwdriver

Tales of an IT Professional – More than a man with a screwdriver

Its been an interesting time recently with many of Abussi's clients looking to grow and invest wisely for long term stability and flexibility. I've attended a number of meetings where clients have asked for advice on how best to make an investment in their business infrastructure, along with a desire to try and future proof themselves as best as they can.

Off-set this against the large corporate clients we support where the service we provide is mostly 'bodies on the ground' to 'walk the floor' and demonstrate that something is being done. There is a significant difference between the service we provide to smaller clients (5-30) and the corporate work where we are often a subcontracted partner.

IT is Simple

Many small business owners have experience in working for larger companies; they have experience of how the large corporate world operates and how they are a very small piece in a huge jigsaw. This sense of not being able to make a difference is often the reason why they, at some point, find themselves running their own business where they can affect positive change and value.

This is exactly my background. As an ex NHS Project Manager I found I could affect very little change or make any significant difference and this was, in part, a reason to go it alone. This forms the core of why I now prefer to work with smaller business and those where Abussi's involvement CAN make a difference. Our work with larger corporate clients is simply contract fulfillment and often we simply fix problems, put plasters over them and find ourselves back at the same point some weeks or months later.

Playing with the Big Boys

Those owners of smaller businesses who have aspirations for a form of IT support similar to the one they experienced while in the corporate world are missing a trick. By working with an outsourced IT provider you can gain a wealth of knowledge, experience & ideas while benefiting from an IT partner that will have many similar clients, all of whom will have experienced similar problems to yourself. This transfer of 'best practice' will give you the edge over those who simply see the IT man as 'The guy with the screwdriver that fix's it when it breaks'.

The reality is that hardware and it's support is the easy bit of our business. PC's and Servers are reliable and can be purchased at a price that has fallen year on year for the last decade. The real value an IT provider can (and should) offer to your business is in how you can best use this investment to bring a competitive advantage to your organisation.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that your IT Support company is just a bunch of guys with screwdrivers to call upon when the system fails. Use your partnership with a forward thinking IT support provider to take advantage of their knowledge, skills and understanding of how you can best use your IT investment.

Craig Sharp is the owner of Abussi Ltd, a West Midlands based IT Support Service Provider. He can help you and your company gain maximum benefit from any IT investment while providing a professional support service to resolve any day-to-day issues..[more]

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